These two cupcakes were made from the same recipe, yet the one on the right looks much more desirable and expensive. Small details like the piped icing, sprinkles and tissue paper wrapping make the cupcake more appealing to the eye – almost more decadent, although the cupcake most likely tastes the same as the one on the left.DSCN6536-300

In this way, the decadent cupcake is similar to a for-sale home that has benefited from home staging. It’s the same house, yet expert tricks and changes make it more appealing to potential home buyers. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving, and most of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it. It’s about adding the small details: the piped icing and sprinkles.

My goal is to use practical creativity, small budgets, and my years of experience in interior redesign to professionally prepare a home to sell so that it becomes infinitely more attractive to potential buyers.

Does it work? Here’s a note from a recent client:

“Rena’s Home Staging expertise was such a huge help to my family as we were preparing to sell our previous residence. She helped us choose a neutral paint color that created a spacious feeling throughout our home, and that would even highlight the tray ceiling in our family room. She helped us organize our mess, and arranged the furniture and accessories, to give each room definition and purpose.

The second couple to see our home, commented that as they did their walk-through, they weren’t sure if they could afford such a nice house, then discovered the asking price, and grabbed it! Rena did such a wonderful job, we just had to hire her to help with the design of our brand new build.” – Mrs. Gorsuch

For more information about home staging services from Swan Staging & Redesign, please visit my staging page.

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