Last week, I had the pleasure of staging a home in Wylie that will soon be listed for sale.

DSCN6415The living room has this special wall feature. I wanted to emphasize the size and unique shape with a large airy  clock, allowing  the prospective buyers to see the value and possibility of the space.   

If you’ve been in the market for a clock recently,  you’ll know that they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Of course the larger they are, the higher the price tag. I wouldn’t  let that stop me though, I had a plan and a budget to keep. 

So I headed to the Good Will Store, and was thrilled to find this gem, for only $12.99. It was brand new and still protected in styrofoam and plastic!  🙂DSCN6454

Armed with a .99 can of white gloss spray paint, a $5.49 can of primer, two left over cans of spray paint in black and aqua, and a plastic dinner plate, I got to work.

First, I removed the hands, spray painted them black, and set them aside to dry.  Next, I applied a layer of spray primer over the entire clock.

Then, I spray painted the center of the clock aqua and when it was dry, I covered a portion of the center with a dinner plate.

 I could’ve used painters tape and newspaper, but honestly I was lazy, and I didn’t want to take the time to tape it all off  because there was no guarantee it would’ve been a perfect circle. This way was much easier and took way less time!

I finished by spray painting the entire uncovered surface with the gloss white and quickly removed the plastic plate.  The next day I re-attached the hands.

Finished Clock


So for less than $22.00, I can say “Goodbye Santa Claus clock, hello original wall art by Swan Staging!”  🙂






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