Recently I consulted with a family facing the possibility of being  transferred to Georgia.

Their two story home was full of love, life, character, and charm.  This was to be  a bittersweet future for them.

Nine years ago this young couple transferred to Wylie from out of state, and in that time they added their personal touch and color to every room.

The best memory they will carry with them forever is of the day they brought their beautiful daughter home from the hospital,  a few years later another memorial day was created when they brought home their sweet baby boy.

The homeowners understood changes needed to be made before contacting a Realtor, more importantly before the MLS photos were taken!

I recommended they remove all personal wall and tabletop art,  faith based items, and to  neutralize paint in the dining room and  living room.

They rented a storage unit to house anything that didn’t need to stay, so I suggested they remove 75% of their belongings, from all rooms, closets,  and cabinets.

Being a homeowner myself I know first hand how much stuff can be brought into a home in nine years!  🙂 Look around your home, how much stuff did you bring into your home today?

The homeowners did a fantastic job of maintaining their home over the years.  Other than repainting the two areas I mentioned before, the only repairs the home needed were to  patch and paint over a few cup hook holes, and to recover the side of a cabinet where the laminate had peeled loose.

The existing furniture was relocated, and custom wall and tabletop accessories (made by me) were used to decorate this home to sell.  The home now feels spacious, light, and welcoming.  The listing agent Lauri Callier with Prudential, called  Showcase Photographers to take photos for the MLS (online listings).

The day the home was listed, the first person to see the home fell in love with it, made an offer, and the homeowners accepted!!!  🙂

The family has officially relocated to Atlanta, and have begun a new life there. They liked what I did so much with their previous home, that they have asked me to come to Atlanta, and decorate the house that they will soon buy. This is such an incredible compliment and blessing!!! I am so glad to work with this family again, and I look forward to hearing about their exciting new adventures!

You can check out Before and Afters of this Beautiful Home here!

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