Make a sell faster and get the best price. Find out more on why you need a professional home stager for your next listing.

Why use a professional home stager?Loretta Ft Elevation

With the aid of a professional home stager, your listed house can make a strong first impression on potential homebuyers. Make home buyers excited to schedule a tour of the home in person, rather than considering it as just another unwanted home on a random street within their price range and location. Present a home to the public as turnkey and move-in ready.

Photos speak louder than words

The photos you include in your clients’ print and online MLS listings, are the most important criteria for getting the best asking price and selling it fast. Prospective clients quickly scan listings, so catching their eye immediately with an appealing image will ensure you avoid the negative impact that a home with a ‘lived-in’ and messy look, or a vacant home can have on a buyer – they’ll quickly move on to the next listing.

Staging a home enables potential buyers to visualize living there, rather than visualize the current owner’s personal space or an empty home.

When you work with a professional stager, you can decrease stress and focus on the business you do best: Selling homes.

StagingEXWhat’s my return on investment?

The numbers show time and again that professional home staging is a powerful market advantage and well worth the investment.

  • 9 out of 10 buyers are online first reviewing photos. (RESA)
  • Only 10% of home buyers can see the potential of a home. (RESA)
  • 94% of homes staged by an Accredited Staging Professional sold within 29 days or less, compared to an average of 145 days for homes not staged (
  • HUD states that prepared homes sell for 17% more.
  • Unstaged homes can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars more than staged homes in costs related to extended time on market, drops in asking price and continued utilities.

    For example, a $220K house, on the market for 5 months

    • $1,600 mortgage + $250 Utlilites = $1850 x 5 mos = $9,250

    Most houses will drop 1% in asking price per month

    • 1% drop x 5 months = $10,800

    In the neighborhood of twenty thousand dollars that the homeowner lost while their house languishes on the market can be avoided by staging the house.

We are blessed to provide a service that is valuable to so many real estate agents and home sellers. Partner with Swan Staging & Redesign for your next listing!