Rena’s expertise will help you banish clutter, maximize used space and create simple storage solutions.

Resolving to get organized? Ready for some spring cleaning? Calm household chaos and gain peace of mind with consultation and action plans from Swan Staging & Design.


We all have problem areas in our home that attract clutter, and we also have a lot of stuff. Rena will help you create functional and beautifully organized spaces while finding the right place for your belongings – whether it’s shoes, files or miniature figurines.

Rena can zero in on what is important to you, understanding your routines and defining your needs and priorities. You are involved in the process and learn to make the tough decisions about what to keep and what to discard.


Target areas:

  •    Storage space
  •    Closets
  •    Kitchens
  •    Attics
  •    Garages
  •    Living spaces
  •    Bedrooms
  •    Media rooms
  •    Home offices