DSCN6128_2Rena Swan has helped homeowners realize real value and peace of mind from custom redesign and home staging for over 17 years. With a unique eye for design, she offers an innate ability to envision the potential of a room upon first glance and turn vision into reality – on budget, on time and with the client’s needs in mind. Rena’s goal is to provide a fresh approach to traditional design and budget-conscious, beautifully designed homes and businesses.

Swan Staging & Redesign services are ideal for homeowners who would like to enhance the appeal of their home for both selling and remodeling, real estate firms who want to increase the appeal and value of a home on the market, as well as small businesses and churches who would like to create an inviting atmosphere.

Rena’s experience includes work with homeowners, small businesses, churches, restaurants, nail salons and real estate agents.